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Macramé | Comment faire des nœuds en macramé, et beaucoup d'inspiration !

Macramé | Comment faire des nœuds en macramé, et beaucoup d'inspiration !
Posté le 13-7-2021 par Janita van Rijnsbergen
This special knot-tying technique might be centuries-old, but it’s more popular today than ever. You’ll find it in stylish homes, trendy bars and restaurants, soft furnishing stores, and of course, the handcrafting world. Put simply, macramé is hot! Find out all you need to know about macramé; from the materials you’ll need to how to tie your first basic knots. Read on so you can fill your home and wardrobe with gorgeous macramé accessories, such as wall hangings, plant hangers, rugs, drapes, bracelets, bags, and more!

For anyone in love with bohemian (home) accessories, macramé creations are a feast for the eyes. And for the creatives among us, it’s an addictive hobby that will never get boring. As for us at Yarnplaza, we love both boho home décor and handcrafting, so of course we’re huge fans of macramé. Let us inspire you with some fantastic macramé kits and (free) patterns and take you through the basic macramé knots in a series of video tutorials.

Tutoriels vidéo sur le macramé

Let us teach you how to macramé! Before you tackle you first macramé project, it’s important that you first have a good grasp of all the basic macramé knots. 
We’ve put all the relevant video tutorials on a dedicated Macramé page for you on In these videos, we demonstrate the following macramé knots:
Lark’s Head Knot | Half-Hitch Knot | Double Half-Hitch Knot | Square Knot | Josephine Knot.
By combining these basic knots, you can create all sorts of cool effects and the possibilities for variations are endless.

Matériel nécessaire pour le macramé

- Something to anchor your macramé project, whether that’s a simple (cork)board or special macramé board, or a dowel or ring  
- Adhesive tape
- Scissors
- Darning or yarn needle
- Macramé cord (including rope or yarn suitable for macramé)
Yarn and Colors Ciseaux pour oiseaux en or rose
Yarn and Colors Aiguilles en laine
Ensemble Hemline Ciseaux pour tissus (21 cm) et ciseaux de broderie (13,5 cm) rose

Cordons de macramé

Have you decided what you want to macramé? This is an important first step, as that will determine which yarn you will need. The smaller the project, the thinner the cord, and the thinner the cord, the more details you can add. It’s no surprise that you’ll need a different type of cord to macramé a pair of earrings or a keychain than you would for a lampshade or wall hanging. Both the thickness and type of  the cord will impact on the final look of your project. A loosely plied cord will give your project a soft finish, while a twisted cord or rope will create a more robust look. At Yarnplaza, we have a host of beautiful macramé cords in store for you. Be sure to check out these great options below:
Durable Macramé 2239 Brick
Cordon en coton Rico Creative 012 brun clair
DMC Natura XL 42 Rose
Hoooked Spesso Chunky Cotton 800 Printemps
Hoooked Natural Jute 05 Crème à la vanille
Yarn and Colors Super Must-have 061 Denim
Durable Rope 340 Taupe
Rico Creative Natur 04 Moutarde

Accessoires en macramé

Do you want to embellish your knotted lampshade or wall hanging with some extra elements? Wooden rings and beads look great if you’re going for a Scandinavian vibe. If you’re looking for something a bit more playful or you want your project to really stand out, add some colorful silicone beads. Metal rings are often used as the basis for macramé projects, and we have them in all different sizes and colors (including black, rosé, gold, and silver) at Yarnplaza.
Anneaux en bois de 7 cm
Jeu de perles en bois 10 pièces 15 mm
Perles en silicone 7 pièces 17 Mélange de menthe
Yarn and Colors Anneau en métal argenté de 10 cm

Kits de macramé

We currently have two great beginner-friendly feather macramé kits on sale, one using Yarn and Colors Urban and the other using Yarn and Colors Fresh. If you would like to get started with a larger wall hanging but can't quite call yourself a knotting expert yet, we highly recommend the Yarn and Colors macramé kits. In their Lookbook #2 WOW! Wall Hangings collection, you’ll discover the most beautiful designs with clean lines, rounded shapes, and soft hues, all made with very simple knots. In other words, they’re foolproof macramé fun! 
Kit Macramé Plumes Fraîches
Kit Macramé Plume Urbaine
Yarn and Colors Twist WOW ! Kit de suspension murale
Yarn and Colors Trois est un charme WOW ! Kit de suspension murale
Yarn and Colors Dégradation WOW ! Kit d'accrochage mural
Yarn and Colors Boho WOW ! Kit de suspension murale
Yarn and Colors Mini Malistic WOW ! Kit de suspension murale

Motifs de macramé

We’ve already mentioned the seriously easy, anyone-can-do-it patterns in Yarn and Colors’ Lookbook #2. If you’d like to make them with your own choice of yarn or in different colors, all the patterns from the Lookbook are also available on their own as pattern booklets for just 4 euros each. And don’t forget to check out our free macramé patterns on the blog, including a super trendy plant hanger using Hoooked Natural Jute and a stunning summer mandala (coming soon!) that looks great on its own or as a frame for your mirror!
Yarn and Colors Twist WOW ! Brochure sur les suspensions murales
Yarn and Colors Trois est un charme WOW ! Brochure sur les suspensions murales
Yarn and Colors Boho WOW ! Livret de tentures murales
Yarn and Colors Dégradation WOW ! Brochure sur les suspensions murales
Happy macramé-ing!

We’d love to see your macramé creation(s)! Share a photo with us on our Facebook page or via Instagram with #yarnplaza.

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